PathWays Enrollment Form

    Thank you for your interest in the UNCW PathWays guaranteed admission program! We deeply value students who are transferring from a North Carolina Community College. Please complete the form below to enroll in the program.

    Please note that only prospective transfer students are eligible for the PathWays program. Current high school students who are dual-enrolled are not eligible to participate. Students at Cooperative Innovative High Schools can participate if they are planning to apply as transfer students to UNCW. For more information, please visit our Early College website.

    If you don't see your community college below, then they have not partnered with us to offer the PathWays program. We are still happy to assist you with your transfer process and encourage you to contact us at 910-962-3243 or
    * Birthdate
    * Birthdate
    Student Contact Information
    * Mailing Address
    * Mailing Address
    Academic Information
    Please tell us more about your academic journey and interest. Please note that if your community college is not listed in the drop-down, then it is not a current participating college and you are not eligible to enroll in PathWays. Our team is still happy to help you with your transfer process, though! You can reach us at or 910-962-3243.
    Confirmation and Signature
    I am confirming my intention to enroll in the UNCW PathWays guaranteed admission program. I understand that this form is non-binding and I am not required to apply to transfer to UNCW. I understand that guaranteed transfer admission to UNCW through the PathWays program is contingent on my meeting the UNCW transfer admission requirements and the completion of my Associates degree. I hereby agree to the following:
    • As a PathWays student, I will stay in contact with my community college advisor and Transfer Student Success Coordinator to develop and implement a plan for successfully transferring to UNCW.
    • As a PathWays student, I am planning to complete a transferrable Associate's degree (AA/AS/AE/AATP/ASTP/AFA) as referenced in the agreement.
    • I understand that this form is not my official application to transfer. I will complete and submit my application for transfer admission by the application deadline for my desired entry term, as well as all official transcripts needed to complete my application. 
    • I authorize the UNCW Office of Admissions to share my enrollment in the PathWays program with my community college each semester I am enrolled prior to transferring.
    * Date
    * Date
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