Meet our College Advisers

    Abbigail Germaine

    Tristan Kalos
    UNCW College Advising Corps

    I serve students at:

    South Columbus High School
    40 Stallion Drive | Tabor City, NC 28463

    School Email: 
    UNCW Email: 

    About Tristan:

    Tristan Kalos is a first-year college adviser serving at South Columbus High School in Tabor City, NC. Tristan is from Hugo, Minnesota. He graduated with a degree in Political Science from UNC Wilmington in 2021. What drew Tristan to serve with UNCW College Advising Corps was the opportunity to give back to the community and be the role model he had when he was in high school. Throughout Tristan's service, he learned that sometimes all a student needs is someone to tell them that they can. 

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