Meet our College Advisers

    Abbigail Germaine

    Raven Boone
    UNCW College Advising Corps

    I serve students at:

    West Columbus High School
    7294 Andrew Jackson Hwy SW, Cerro Gordo, NC 28430


    About Raven:

    Raven Boone is a first-year adviser serving in her hometown and former high school! She is a 2018 graduate of UNCW with a major in Communication Studies. Raven also holds an Associate's Degree in Broadcasting from Southeastern Community College and is currently receiving her Master’s in Library Science from East Carolina University. With an extensive background in news, Raven decided that education was her true calling. She is excited to partner with both of her alma maters in making college an attainable dream for underrepresented communities. She enjoys helping her students reach their full potential while building personal relationships as an adviser. 

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